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Mini Crawler Competitions
*** Rules last amended on 11/14/02 ***

These rules and guidelines are constantly amended throughout the season.

Vehicle specifications:

  1. Tire height - 4" or less
  2. Tire width - 1.5" or less (each)
  3. Tires must be of a plastic or rubber compound with no spikes or other traction aiding devices.  Plastic or rubber tire sipping approved
  4. Vehicle Track - 7" or less (measured outside to outside)
  5. Vehicle Wheelbase - 9" or less (measured to the center of the wheels)
  6. Must have a total of 4 tires located on 2 axles
  7. Steering - NONE!
  8. Minimum weight - 1#
  9. Tire rotation - less than 1 minute for 1 tire rotation on flat / unobstructed ground
  10. Ground clearance - not regulated
  11. Approach / Departure angles = not regulated
  12. Quantity of motors onboard = not regulated

These are "release and watch" competition rigs. No "help" allowed. Must be self propelled via batteries. No wires from vehicle to operator, or separate location. If your battery dies on course, your run has ended and distance will be measured.  The MCC reserves the right (and will) change vehicle specifications and competition format mid season.  Gluing your vehicles together might prove costly.

Suggested vehicle setup:

  1. 100% power to all 4 tires (i.e.. no differentials, no limited slip)
  2. Beyond 90 degree approach and departure angles
  3. More than 50% vehicle weight on the front axle
  4. Bring your spare parts

Competition format:

  1. Each rig will be allowed a single attempt on a given course
  2. Distance traveled will be the score (inches).  Measurement will be perpendicular to the start line
  3. Time will not be judged
  4. If a competitor runs off the side of the course, distance will be measured when the last tire leaves the course
  5. Distance traveled will be measured to the center of the most forward wheel
  6. Course width will be approx 36" and length will be approx 6'
  7. 15 seconds with no forward movement will end the run
  8. 10 attempts up an obstacle without success will end the run
  9. After each competitor has attempted the course, the competitor in last place overall is allowed to modify the course. Obstacles may be adjusted without limitation, but length and width of course must remain the same
  10. Course obstacles will be (but not limited to) firewood (4"-8" diameter), small rocks (1"-3" diameter), large rocks (6"-8" diameter) & dirt
  11. If a competitor runs the entire length of the course (not likely), they will get a full score (72")
  12. The "contest" will consist of a total of 10 courses and attempts
  13. The winner of the contest will be the competitor with the most distance traveled overall.

Entry fee = $0
1st place = $0
2nd place = $0
3rd place = $0

If you're from out of state and you choose not to attend in person, you can ship your crawler to me and a friend of mine will run the course for you. We will not be responsible for damage during shipping OR during the contest, however, care will be taken. Please provide enough batteries to last the contest.  No, I'm not some psycho looking for free Legos, that would be... childish. :)

For an advance preview of the competitors check out this link: Competitors

Here's a screen shot of the custom application that has been developed to keep score: ScoreKeeper