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Barrett Lake
September 21-23, 2001

Screen Capture Description Length Filesize Date
Tommy going down some boulders 27 sec 1.5MB 09/22/01
Tommy going down some more boulders 18 sec 1.2MB 09/22/01
another video going up the same rocks 18 sec 1.2MB 09/23/01
Tommy almost taking out the windshield frame, then going down some rocks 37 sec 2.4MB 09/23/01
Tommy does a butt-scratcher down some rocks 29 sec 2.0MB 09/23/01
Tommy rolling past a huge boulder 23 sec 1.6MB 09/23/01
Tommy taking out a tree on the way up some rocks 35 sec 2.3MB 09/23/01
Darrin 3-wheeling over some boulders 22 sec 1.5MB 09/23/01
Darrin falling off a rock and landing on the front axle 24 sec 1.6MB 09/23/01
Darrin falling off a rock again 15 sec 1.1MB 09/23/01
Darrin stretching the suspension 17 sec 1.2MB 09/23/01