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March 4-5, 2004
Trip Description

Screen Capture Description Length Filesize Date
Tommy cutting a new line down the hill 23 sec 1.5MB 3/5/04
Seth takes one approach, full throttle 13 sec 0.9MB 3/5/04
Quinn takes the other approach, full brakes 32 sec 2.0MB 3/5/04
Greg makes it look simple 24 sec 1.6MB 3/5/04
Quinn said, "I wanna flop my Jeep in there" 35 sec 2.3MB 3/5/04
Tommy said, "Me too" 71 sec 4.5MB 3/5/04
Tommy tries again 67 sec 4.3MB 3/5/04
Quinn comes back for more 52 sec 3.4MB 3/5/04