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Renegade Bumper

09/15/02 - Began project
Today I took the stock bumper off and started laying out the design of the new bumper.

09/16/02 - Got most of the bumper built
I cut all the major pieces of the bumper today and got them welded together.  I still have to weld in the 45 degree pieces on the top.  I also have to weld on the mounting brackets, D-ring holders and hoop with light mounts.  The fenders need to be trimmed as well.

Here's some pictures of what's done so far, pre-weld cleanup:

Here's some mid-weld cleanup.  More cleanup to come:

09/17/02 - Most of the welding is done
I got almost all the welding done today.  The mounts are on, the D-ring posts are on, and the 45 degree pieces are done.  I also got the fenders trimmed on the Renegade.  Tomorrow all I have to do is fill in the small pits, clean up the surface and give it a good couple coats of paint.

Today's pictures:

09/18/02 - At the powder coaters
Got the hoop with light mounts welded on and I finished up all the weld cleanup.  Then I dropped it off at the powder coaters.  Unfortunately I can't pick it up until Monday morning.

09/19/02 - Got the bumper back today. 
Not sure why they quoted Monday, but got it done Thursday (today), but I'm not complaining.

09/20/02 - Installed the finished product
Here's some pictures of the finished product