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Mark's YJ work

Mark was looking to have a few projects completed on his '92 YJ.  

11/6/02 - Picked up the Jeep
I picked up the Jeep today and started the work.  I began by making some temporary body lift pucks.  These will be used until the 3" Body Relocation brackets are made.  I installed most of the pucks and then began the installation of the 3" engine lift.

11/7/02 - Installed the Slicplate
Today I finished the installation of the body lift and engine lift.  Then I went to work installing the Highest Clearance SlicPlate.  

11/8/02 - Leaf Springs, York
Before I began work on the York, I needed to line up the rear drive shaft a bit better.  Mark wants to install Revolver shackles on the rear suspension, but the problem is the way the leaf spring is designed on the shackle end.  The leaf lines up with the center of the spring eye, instead of lining up with it's tangent.  This interferes with the Revolver, so something must be done.  By turning the leafs around and running them backwards, this solves two problems.  It rotates the pinion toward the x-fer case, and allows the Revolvers to be installed.  After I turned the leaf packs around, I began work on the York.  Mark's v-belt pulley is a different design than mine.  I used the design of my York mount, but had to make a few changes because of the pulley.  After I made the mount, painted it and installed it, I ran the hoses and electric components.  For now, there's no air tank, so the system airs up VERY quickly.