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Roll cage

I'm tired of the roll cage in my Jeep, so I'm ripping the old one out and making a new one.  This one will run through the dash where the front speakers are to give me back the leg room when entering and exiting the Jeep.  Also, this one will have a "halo" hoop instead of a standard forward hoop.  For the back of the cage, I'm adding "V" bars like I did in Darrin's CJ-7.

12-31-02 - Ordered tubing
I went to Summit Steel in Oceanside today, but they didn't have any 1.75"x.120" DOM tubing in stock.  They said they can deliver it on Thursday.

01-02-03 - Tubing arrived

01-03-03 - Tore out the old cage
I started by taking some measurements with the hard top on.  After that, the hard top went in the backyard and I went to work ripping out the old cage.  I removed all the carpet, the passenger seat, and all of the plastic parts of the dash.

01-09-03 - Major work done
I finished all the major construction of the cage.  I still have to finish up the dash, but that can wait.  For now I have to be ready for Event #2 of the CRCA series this Saturday.