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Crusher Corners
My old school "Off Your Rocker" corner guards just aren't cut'n the mustard anymore.  Time for something new 

11/29/04 - Ordered the Crusher Corners
I ordered the Crusher Corners from Poison Spyder today.  I ordered them without any cutouts for tail lights, fuel filler, tailgate hinges or fender flare holes.  The plan is to use my oval LED taillights, maybe on a 45 degree angle.  The fuel filler I'm not sure what I'm going to do with.  Might put it inside the bed.

12/11/04 - Took the Jeep apart
I removed the fender flares, tail lights, fuel filler and corner guards.  I have some work to do to pull some dents out before the new corner guards go on.

12/14/04 - Bodywork, corners arrived
I began working on the dents today, focusing mainly on the passenger side door latch area.  If I just installed the corner guard, there would be a large gap between the body and the 3/16" steel of the corner guard.  The goal is to just pull the metal out so that it's close to where it belongs.  After drilling several holes and attempting, I think it's going to be a bit uglier than I'd like.

Also, the corner guards arrived today.  They aren't boxed, and one suffered damage in shipping.  Not really a big deal since the area that bent I think I have to cut off to match my rocker guards anyways.  No hardware arrived either.  I called PSC and they said that there's a separate box for the hardware, so that will probably arrive tomorrow.

12/15/04 - Hardware arrived
As promised, the hardware for the corner guards arrived today.

12/18/04 - Chop, chop, chop
Today the Sawzall came out and the chopping began.    I cut away any unnecessary body panels.  Then I lined up the passenger side Crusher Corner and drilled the holes.  Next I marked where I wanted to cut the corner panel for tire clearance and for the tail light.  After cutting all that I mounted it back on the Jeep.  Then I chopped the driver's side body work, lined up the corner panel, drilled holes and marked where I'll chop for tire clearance.  Quinn called me while I was out there and reminded me that he's got some body panels I might be able to use.  I'm going to cut out the door latch area on the passenger side and replace it with his straight body work.

12/23/04 - More work
Today I finally got to cut the 2nd panel (that I marked 5 days ago).  I also cut out the tail light oval and cut the hole for the fuel filler.

01/08/05 - Lots of work done
Everything except the checkered paint got done today.  Still trying to figure out the best way to do the checkers.  I might just get some 4"x4" vinyl patches and go that route.

01/20/05 - Checkas
My vinyl checkers arrived today from Tony at Advanced Images
. Each one was individual, so it took a little while to align and stick them on.  No big deal though, maybe a couple hours.