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For a while now I've wanted seats with better lateral support.  Natalie got together with friends and family and arranged for me to order seats and belts for my birthday, WAHOO! 

11/29/04 - Ordered the seats and belts
I ordered a couple "Competition Highback" seats from PRP today.  They will be boring black and grey, but I guess that's just my tastes.  I ordered them with pockets on the backs to hold stuff, and vinyl covers for towing.  I also ordered sliders but plan to make my own sub frame to hold them.  The seatbelts I ordered from Summit Racing.  They're black Simpson 5-point Cam-Lock belts with a submarine strap.  Should be real comfy.

12/01/04 - Belts arrived
The 5-point Champion Cam-lock belts arrived today.  Pretty quick service provided by Summit Racing.

12/20/04 - Picked up the seats
To the exact day they promised, PRP had my seats ready to be picked up.  I was originally going to make my own mounts for the seat sliders, but decided instead to try out their mounts.  With the test fitting, I really like what I see so far.  Here's some pics of one of the seats with the Cam-Lock belts partially installed.

12/21/04 - Shoulder bar
Today I installed the shoulder bar.  The shoulder straps for the front seats will mount here, and the rear seat passengers can hang onto it with their hands if they want.

12/23/04 - Seat work
Today I made the cutting brake bracket, painted inside the rear fender well and mounted the line lock & proportional valve.  I also flipped the levers on the seat belts.  The levers were "up" when locked, and they pushed into my stomach when the shoulder belts weren't used.

01/03/05 - Brake lines
I got a few minutes to work on the Heep today so I routed the new brake lines.  Master cylinder to line lock, Wilwood adjustable proportional valve to the cutting brakes and cutting brakes to the flexible lines on the lower links.

01/06/05 - Bled the brakes
I finally got the brakes bled today.  Now it's drivable except for the tail lights and stuff related to the Crusher Corner's project.