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Johnson Valley
October 6, 2001

Screen Capture Description Length Filesize Date
The Austin Powers Stunt Drivers 7 sec 0.6MB 10/06/01
Tommy 3-wheels 27 sec 1.8MB 10/06/01
Eric finds another parking spot 12 sec 0.9MB 10/06/01
Troy "Coming down..... Hard" 3 sec 0.4MB 10/06/01
Troy "Coming down...... Hard again" 2 sec 0.3MB 10/06/01
Eric listens to some good advice 11 sec 0.8MB 10/06/01
Tommy falls out of the notch (upper Sledge Hammer) 20 sec 1.4MB 10/06/01
Tommy makes the notch (upper Sledge Hammer) 15 sec 1.0MB 10/06/01
Tommy rounds the corner (upper Sledge Hammer) 19 sec 1.3MB 10/06/01