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Dinkey Creek 2003 - Animated GIF files

Each of the images below link to an animated GIF file.  Some of them are a bit large, so beware.  Each was made from a high speed setting on my digital camera.  The originals are individual JPG's, all 1280x960 in size.

This is a time lapse collection of pictures spanning 10 minutes (1 picture per minute) while we dammed up the small creek to create a pool for caught fish.  4.9MB


This is Tommy, Darrin, Travis and Nathan jumping off the log at the same time.  1.6MB

Here's Lindsey jumping off the log.  2.5MB


Nathan jumping off the log. 3.4MB

Nathan dammed up the side creek up at the log jump and I filmed him getting up and the rushing water.  7.8MB

Travis doing a "can-opener".  5.0MB

This was Breana's first jump off the log, she's 7 years old.  5.4MB

Brian doing a "can-opener".  4.4MB

Breana's 2nd jump.  3.1MB


Nathan jumping from the "rock".  3.4MB

Tommy doing some weird dive thing that was almost a belly-flop.  4.3MB


Travis jumping from the log.  4.1MB

From left to right is Tommy, Brian, Travis, Nathan and Darrin.  4.1MB


Tommy doing a weird dive from the rocks, over the log.  5.5MB

Breana jumping from the log on her own for the first time (actually it was the second time, but she was so excited to do it the first time the camera wasn't ready).  2.3MB


Lee jumping from the rocks on the other side. 2.9MB

Breana jumping off the rocks at the Lower Grotto pool.  2.0MB


Tommy doing a "can-opener" at the Lower Grotto. 2.6MB

Breana jumping from the rocks again.  2.0MB


Breana riding the water falls from one pool to the other.  8.4MB